Big Scary Monster

About Us

If you're a Dungeons & Dragons fan, you may have recognised elements and language borrowed and sprinkled throughout our branding. For the uninitiated, D&D is a role-playing tabletop game with storytelling at its core.

We love the storytelling parallels between D&D and branded ecommerce experiences, so we adopted parts of it into our core identity.

Big Scary Monster is a metaphor for the enormous challenge, adventure and victory when creating legendary customer experiences.

Create unforgettable customer experiences through powerful storytelling.

Our Core Values


Keep an open mind, embrace change and new concepts. Be empathetic in all aspects of work.


Consume and learn every day, never get comfortable. Discover new ways to solve problems. Do more with less and continue to challenge yourself.


Do not hoard knowledge. Pass on what you’ve learned and help empower those around you to grow and level up. Help guide and educate others through problems while remaining humble in the process.


Enjoy the journey and make the trip an amazing experience for everyone involved. Bring snacks. GLHF.


Be goal orientated and strive for success. See the value in every adventure whether win or lose. Be accountable and deliver excellence to those depending on you.

Developing Kids

Our mission is to help empower children to learn the skills and fundamentals of entreprenuership, ecommerce and creating digital products.

A portion of all Big Scary Monster app sales goes towards helping disadvantage kids with resources and equipment through various children's charity programs.

Our Mission

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